The Blossom

Medium: Video, sound
Size: 8.26 minutes
Shown at Pi Artworks Extrospection Curated by David Thorp

Investigation through dialogue and video adding layers of text over the interlocutors.

A dialogue between people of vastly different times discussing the meaning of a home. The contradiction of future-proof value and the value of use for actual living. Touches on concepts of a future where money is impermanent and so uses a usufructuary system, meaning ownership rights are determined by need.

The grid is a reflection of arbitrary divisions within our systems of understanding, economies, and societies: a system that obscures the actual home that is lived within. Rosaline Krauss writes about Grids being part of the Modernist movement and its turn against narrative. But perhaps this fight between the narrative and the abstraction is where something interesting happens in this artwork.