Growing Sculptures 

Medium: Performance documentation, plaster objects, video, song
Size:  20cm diametre x9, 10minutes, 2 minutes

Installation consisting of documentation of the performance of growing sculptures from the soil in Tuscany Italy with an accompanying video where the sculptures travel through Florence and song in the style of the Partisan songs. Made in collaboration with Adele Lazzeri as PRAGMATA Collective.

This was shown at the Bastioni Association in Florence in 2019.

With the rise of nations and the mythologies created to support the concept of a natural nationality and national character. We are brought up existing in a world of differences, and of a deep attachment to the idea of our connection to particular demarcated pieces of the world.

With Growing Sculptures From The Soil, we wanted to explore how our artworks could directly be of the land. This artwork is critical of our relationships to nations and borders and ownership of land, while also celebrating our deep connection with the soil and the mud we co-exist with.