Museum without a Public

Medium: Presentation, performance, fiction
Size: 30 minutes

Created in collaboration with Rieko Whitfield and Alessandro Moroni, The EXIVISION Future for Tate Corporation is a speculation on the future of the art institution in a dystopian, post-catastrophic world, presented in “The Museum without a Public,” an online symposium organized by Pil of Pil and Galia Kollectiv and moderated by Richard Parry and Shama Khanna.

The artists posed as executives in the year 2070, pitching a partnership with the Tate Corporation and their company EXIVISION – a consultancy merging diagnostic technology, physical-distancing design, and art institutions for a post-pandemic public.

The EXIVISION Future for Tate Corporation was also featured in the RCA 2020 Degree Show.

Renderings of the reimagined Tate Modern by Alessandro Moroni.⁣ ⁣