Oh To Be an Apparatus, To Light Up the Lives

Medium: Video-performance + Sound 
Size: (05:49 mins video in loop) and a disassembled object (3 pieces).
Performed, in collaboration with Paola Estrella:
Camaradas, at Menier Gallery, Mexican Embassy and British Council, London, 2020;
Ugly Duck Gallery, London, 2020.

This video-performance-sound piece considers Becoming as a physical phenomenon and a spiritual encounter.

From the exhibition catalogue:
“ Existing in the locus of the communication between sound/music/text built by Toby from recordings of the falling body with the internal worlds of the subject-object, and a performance in which Paola starts a discourse between a disassembled object (led-light, plug-in, lamp-shade) in which she brings the parts together attempting to become one single object, as she remains trapped in the role of the subject, by being unable to escape her bodily capacity to act and experience. Is Becoming an act of futurity caught in an endless loop?”