Medium: Performance, steal pipe, latex, clay 
Size: 8 hours, table 1.5 metres x 0.5 metre, undefined number of clay critters
Performed as part of Odrathek, Battersea Power Station, curated by Joseph Kohlmaier and Muzarq collective, London, 2017.

From the exhibition catalogue:
“Homo sapiens is a mammal that stood up in order to let its front limbs dangle freely. As with all other mammals, its eyes reflect sunlight. The information acquired through this reflection is transferred by the brain to the hands. The hands transfer this information onto the environment, and act on it [behandeln]. Like this, humans create a feedback loop in which information derived from the world is transferred back upon it. This new information itself is received through the eyes, acted upon by the brain, restructured, and thrown back into the world. Through this process, the human environment as well as humanity itself changes. In short: human history.’ (Vilém Flusser and Louis Bec, Vampyrotheutis Infernalis).

Artists Adele Lazzeri, Hamer Faramarzi and Toby Tobias Kidd. With their tentacles, make small clay objects and impress on them a record of the event, shaped and transformed through collective thinking and acting and making small earth-bound mementos of Odrathek which the audience will be able to take with them. ”

A makeshift table created with a skin of latex stretched across bent metal rods becomes the home of the clay objects that are made with latex gloved hands, a mixture of scientific and biological aesthetics as the artists shape the many small objects in the palm of their hands.