Toby Tobias Kidd is a multidisciplinary artist. Kidd’s critical and conceptual art practice is a celebration of the evolving idea through experimentation, futurity, and dialogue.

Selected Recent Shows/Projects

  • 2022 Belated RCA2020 Graduates Physical Show at Oxo Bargehouse Gallery, London.

  • 2022  Live Art Ireland Residency three weeks at Milford House Ireland.  Curated by Deej Fabyc and M J Newell.

  • 2022 HS LP Launch at Rough Trade East. With Fierce Panda records.

  • 2022 THIS WIP at Tottenham Hale International Studios. Artist-led.

  • 2021 Open Fragment, online platform. Curated by PRAGMATA Collective.

  • 2021 Extrospection at Pi Artworks, London. Curated by David Thorp. Artists: Fiona Banner, Barry Flanagan, John Latham, Cally Spooner, Anne Tallentire.

  • 2021 Songs Iterations Project,  Instagram Live and Youtube.

  • 2021 Person and the Otherness of Nature, online platform. Curated by PRAGMATA Collective.

  • 2020 Rhythm&Frames, Twitch performance. Curated by Louise Gholam. 

  • 2020 Acousma, NoSpace Gallery China, online. Curated by Tian Xie and Ting Deng.

  • 2020 Musicality in Grassroots Politics, with Partisan Social Club and Allan Struthers and Tim Cape, Coventry Biennial.

  • 2020 Contemporary Arts Practice, RCA2020 graduate show, online.

  • 2020 Songs of Futures, RCA2020, online.

  • 2020 Camaradas, Menier Gallery, organized by the British Council and the Mexican Embassy in the UK, London. With Paola Estrella. 

  • 2020 Mal(e)Fe+asance, Ugly Duck, London. 

  • 2020 The Museum Without A Public, online seminar and performance w/ Pil Kollectiv, moderated by Richard Parry and Shama Khanna. In collaboration with Rieko Whitfield and Alessandro Moroni. 

  • 2020 Sound and Vision Festival, Royal Academy of Music, London. Comperred by Paul Morley. In collaboration with Zhenyan Li.

  • 2020 302 Redirect, ICA News and Online Exhibition. 

  • 2019 Art Machine w/ PRAGMATA Collective, Graphik Gallery London. 

  • 2019 Research As Work, Hockney Gallery London. Curated by Vinona Joneska. 

  • 2019 Capped Out, Cookie Factory London.

  • 2019 Growing Sculptures, Bastioni Association exhibition. Live introduction with Giuliano Serafini. W/ PRAGMATA Collective.

  • 2019 Growing Sculptures, Bastioni Association Residency, Florence Italy. W/ PRAGMATA Collective. 

  • 2019 Your Utopia, Wandsworth Arts Fringe, Battersea Park. In collaboration with Hanxuan Sophie Jiang. 

  • 2019 Hyjacking The Pop Song, Beaconsfield London

  • 2019 On Being Together, Partisan Social Club w/ Sean Griffiths, Beaconsfield London. 

  • 2018 Odretech, Lambeth Fire Station London. Curated by Joseph Kohlmaier and Muzarq collective.

  • 2018 A Connection Is Made, Gallery 46 London. Artists: Adele Lazzeri, Adam Oczkowicz, Ben Cain, Bethan Hughes, Hamer Faramazi, Peter Fillingham, Deej  Fabyc, Richard Ducker.

  • 2017  Places Outside The Main Thing... Galeria Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb. W/ Nicole Hewitt, Ben Cain, Vida Guzmic.
My practice uses sculpture, text, pop songs, collaborative publications, experimental videos, and performative events.

Conceptually framed in the legacy of the avant-garde and post-digital age, my work explores narratives, ecologies, and philosophical discourses around the role of art and politics, towards a dialogue of how we build worlds. My practice is a celebration of unfinished ideas, as if they were perpetually questioned, debated, echoed in communication.

I am a founding member of the experimental art-pop group Hatcham Social currently releasing through Fierce Panda Records and work in collaboration with Adele Lazzeri in the PRAGMATA collective, developing collaborative, curatorial and pedagogical projects and research. Public projects include working with Coops UK on radical business concepts;  forming collective DIY record label Crocodile Laboratories; and working with Future Narratives Lab as an associate, developing research into the stories that shape our present and future ideologies.

Contact on tobyntobias(@)

Instagram: @t0bytobiaskidd